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Clappia’s vision is to become the leader of customized business apps. Every time a business head thinks that he needs a custom app for his niche requirement and that is unavailable in the app stores, Clappia should be the first name that should ring in his head.

The options that such businesses have today are SAP/Salesforce/Oracle (expensive and time-consuming), Freelancers (unreliable), the internal team (difficult and expensive) or existing misfit apps. Clappia intends to achieve its vision by creating a self-service cloud platform that enables zero coding mobile and web app creation by any business user. The Clappia team brainstormed and figured out the pattern among most of such app requirements and then created fixed software infrastructure that can take care of most of those app requirements. The final customization part is left to the business users who can modify everything just like they work on Excel.

According to Gartner Global IT Spending report, the spending on Enterprise Application Software has the highest projected growth rate of 11.1 in 2018, and it will increase from USD 201 Billion in 2018 to USD 310 Billion in 2022. Clappia intends to keep up with this tremendous appetite of Enterprise Apps.

The company was started in October 2017 by two IIT Kharagpur batchmates, Ashutosh Kumar and Sarthak Jain, with 6 and 7 years of product management and software development experiences respectively in companies like Cisco, Nutanix, Amazon etc. They were mentored by Pramod Ghorpade who has 20 years of industry experience working with various MNCs and startups. The team is 8+ members strong and growing across the board. Clappia is based out of Bangalore, India.

Product Overview:

All businesses want to use the power of IT apps for their processes. However, all businesses are unique and procuring custom business apps for their unique needs is difficult, expensive or time-consuming.

Clappia provides a cloud workplace where a suite of custom apps can be created and customized within a few minutes by any business user with no coding skills.


A complete suite of custom app can be created and deployed by any business user with zero coding skills.


Ashutosh Kumar
Product Manager at Cisco, Calm.io & Nutanix
IIT Kharagpur
Experience: Product Management, Cloud, SaaS, Enterprise applications.

Sarthak Jain
Senior Software Engineer at Amazon
IIT Kharagpur
Experience: Software Development, Full Stack

Pramod Ghorpade
Leadership roles at Startups, NetApp & Cisco
Manchester Business School
Experience: Leadership, Business, Management