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HPS Wellness

Product Name: HPS


HPS is an proactive & personalized healthcare App that provides two types of health plan for any individual, illness to wellness & wellness to excellence, namely. While the former plan provides various home based therapies for user’s current ailments, the later plan provides various wellness regimes to the user to enhance the quality of their life. The offerings ranges from recommendations about Lifestyle suggestions, Diet, Exercises, Yogasan, Suryanamaskar, Pranayama, Acupressure. The offerings are personalized on over 6 major parameters, are natural in their approach and can be done by user at their home.

Product Overview:

Though the desired health destination for everyone is the same, that is the optimal health, the current health position is different for everyone. Current health position depends upon Nature (Prakruti & Gender), Nurture (Upbringing & impact of geo-climatic conditions) & Free Will choices made so far (Lifestyle, diet, habits & hobbies). Hence everyone needs a GPS of health to reach their optimal health. HPS has prepared an algorithm that maps these parameters and identifies unique current health position for people. Depending upon it, it navigates them from illness to wellness or from wellness to excellence by providing them recommendations about their lifestyle changes, diet, exercises, yogasan, pranayam, acupressure points to restore health, home remedies.


Personalization & holistic approach are the features that sets HPS apart from others. The current health position of any user is identified on the basis of prakruti, age, gender, BMI, current season, and current ailments. Based on that HPS offers navigation elements ranging from Diet, Lifestyle, Exercises, Yogasan, Suryanamaskar, Pranayama, Acupressure, Home remedies to its users. All the offerings can be done by the user at their home and are natural in their approach. Also, all these offerings are mapped as per the desired time of the day of the users, which makes it easier to them to follow them.


1. Mr. C E Potnis - Co-founder - Potnis is a Founder and Managing Director of Nitor Infotech Pvt Ltd and a Director of HPS Wellness Pvt Ltd. He is a trustee on 'Navkshitij', a home for mentally challenged adults. He advises many start ups for their growth. He is a recipient of prestigious award, 'Exemplary Industrialist' for the year 2014.

2. Dr. Chandrashekhar Desai - Co-founder - Dr. Desai is a MS-ENT from AFMC - Pune. He a practicing acupressure specialist and is the brain behind the hypothesis of HPS. He has researched on the the concept of HPS for over 20 years and has done business model POC of the concept. He brings the subject matter expertise to the team.

3. Manas Deshhmukh - AVP - Manas handles the day-to-day operations and management at HPS. He has 5 years of industrial experience in oil field and has over 5 years of entrepreneurial experience in the development sector. He has been covered by TheBetterIndia and his startup was finalist in Eureka'16. Manas is a graduate from NIT Jalandhar.