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Acellere Software Pvt. Ltd.

Product Name: Gamma


Acellere is developing its software analytics platform to help anybody developing software to develop it right. To help big organisations salvage crippled code bases. Thus bring efficiency to an all new level and save money spend on software development and maintenance.

Acellere have offices in Pune, Frankfurt and Tokyo as of today. R&D and development canter is located in Pune, India.

Product Overview:

Gamma is an AI assisted software analytics platform. Since most of the software developing companies are affected by inefficiencies resulting from poor quality of code in different dimensions, it is important to bring transparency to the software development process.

Gamma reports problems ranging from design anti-patterns to duplication. Key performance indicators make it easy for managers and executives to understand the quality situation.

Risk assessment and gamma rating system helps developers prioritise and achieve a more effective refactoring plan.

AI assisted features of Gamma such as Partitioning, Task insights etc makes Gamma unique.


Gamma Early Warning System

Prevent bugs before they occur! Gamma have multi-tier learning algorithms that continuously learns from your projects and community projects. Bugs are not only detected before they are committed to the repository, but also clear solutions are offered to the developer to address them. Gamma relentlessly looks for bug signatures in every single line of your code as they are written.

Gamma Task Insights

When you log a task in your issue tracking system or Gamma itself, GTI will provide insights about the task you are about to log!



Vishal has 18 years of telecom and software industry experience. He is an electronics engineer by qualification. Before founding Acellere in 2009, Vishal was leading the telecom and media business unit in Europe, for Infosys.


He and his team are currently developing the core technology for Acellere and is responsible to lead Acellere’s technology innovation. His past experience include being one of the leading software architects at Cisco, where he was designing and optimizing highly complex software solutions for Cisco’s customers.