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Product Name: SaralStocks


Affingo Technologies was established with a vision to create innovative and disruptive technology products. We strongly believe that technology can solve many challenges faced by organizations and individuals. Many organizations face barriers such as technical know-how, time and experience to use technology in their business processes. That is where Affingo plays an important role in helping clients get ahead of their competition with the use of technology. We focus on providing ready-to-launch products and services to our clients. Currently a 4-member team that has launched 2 products into the market - SaralStocks, and Khojpal,

Product Overview:

SaralStocks is a web-based tool that helps users find trending stocks based on multiple selection criteria

Pre-set (Volume, price, up days, growth in volume or price etc)
User selection for ad-hoc searches
User saved criteria

Visually identify trending stocks
Price and volume correlation
Add to Watchlist with two-clicks
View them in order of volume, price growth etc
Detailed research on other websites

Rules-based Portfolio & Watchlist Management


1. Quickly identify growing stocks and visually confirm their move in charts.
2. Track watch list through personalised rules. (“Inform me when a stock moves 4%”).
3. Quickly identify slow moving portfolio stocks to rebalance.
4. Set personalised rules. (“If a stock falls by 10%, sell”)
5. Daily email of portfolio status and alerts if appropriate.
6. Simplified detailed research through links provided to external websites.


Suhas Patil Founder & CEO - BTech Mech IIT Bombay 1985
MS Computer Science, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Drive strategy - product and innovation.
Hands-on technology manager. Keen focus on performance, quality and usability.

Mayank Agarwal, Head of Marketing - BTech EE IIT Kanpur 1999
PGDM Finance & Strategy, IIM Calcutta
Spearheads digital & traditional marketing campaigns/initiatives across various channels.
Varied experiences in technology, program management and general management.