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YuktaMedia LLP

Product Name: YuktaOne


YuktaMedia is provider of YuktaOne - media ERP platform for Publisher, Agencies and Advertisers across Display, Video and Mobile advertising. Based out of Pune with customers globally, YuktaMedia is on a mission to create B2B app marketplace starting with Media vertical and then expanding into other verticals.

Product Overview:

Core Idea - Create a horizontal web applications and BIG data platform with vertical solutions and app marketplace on top of it. A ecosystem play so that building enterprise systems is not expensive and time consuming. Start with Media first and then expand into other verticals like Finance, Healthcare, etc.

Value Proposition -
For Publishers - YuktaOne is a media ERP platform that provides end to end visibility from impression generation to revenue recognition.

For Agencies and Brands - YuktaOne is a media ERP platform that provides end to end visibility from budget spent to engagement and RIO.

Target Market - Global (Digital Publishers, Agencies and Brands)


1. Only media ERP platform that has entire gamut of functions that can be used by Publishers, Agencies and Brands to conduct their business on a single platform.
2. Building app market place similar to Salesforce.com but focused on Media vertical
3. Core platform can be leveraged in other verticals like fintech, healthcare, etc.


Aditya Bhelande
Founder & CEO

Aditya Bhelande is the founder and CEO of YuktaMedia, the creator of YuktaOne, a leading enterprise media ERP used by Publishers, Agencies and Advertisers globally to efficiently manage and grow their display, video and mobile advertising business. Prior to YuktaMedia, Aditya founded Yukta, a consulting firm dedicated to helping startups navigate the complicated road to becoming global brands by providing strategy, management and marketing guidance. Before founding Yukta, Aditya served as the Director of Product Management at the US-based SSP PubMatic. He has also held management roles at major technology providers including Yahoo! and Oracle.

Aditya holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Nagpur University in India and a Master of Science in Industrial Management from Clemson University in South Carolina, USA.