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luxepower automotive India pvt ltd

Product Name: free range extended while driving electric car


Luxepower automotive India is incorporated with purpose of spread electric vehicles in the country to reduce global warming level and harmful toxic smoke.company directors are akshay Ramesh dhaware and Manoj bhagwanrao Rathod. Right now company at prototype stage.

Product Overview:

At luxepower we are building range extended while driving electric vehicles in which our car can generate free cost electricity while driving to recharge the battery pack again of car.it can save the money of consumer.once we charged fully car then we can drive it more than 400km in city and more than 700km on the highway. Our main purpose is to spread affordable longest range electric vehicles with our own charging infrastructure in the country like how Tesla did in the USA.our initial target market is politician, celebrities, entrepreneurs, small and medium business persons, and individual who earn more than 80lakh annually


Our main future competitor in future are tata,mahindra,Mercedes Benz,BMW,Audi.but we are giving high performance free cost range extended electric vehicles with our own company charging infrastructure across country.still nobody above of them not launched their products which will compete with us.but they are on track of lunch in future.also we are developing our own charging infrastructure across the country to achieve the longest destination and to !make every drive smoothly and comfortably. We have all ready future plan for that.


Luxepower founders are Akshay Ramesh dhaware and Manoj bhagwanrao Rathod.both learned in diploma in mechanical engineering. Akshay dhaware have the deep knowledge about startup management and car manufacturing, products development and business development.