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ReferPlus is founded by Amol Patankar & Tushar Tajane with an idea to help, the local businesses - especially the offline stores, to promote their business by means of technology, connect and reward their consumers. It was started to go beyond the widely used referral system & to bring affiliate marketing alike platform for the local shops.

Product Overview:

Marketing today isn't just about getting customers at the door; it's also about increasing customer lifetime value and turning customers into advocates. ReferPlus enables your customers to be your
brand ambassadors & businesses can Reward them for their efforts.

65% of new business comes from referrals or word of mouth marketing, 83% of satisfied customers are willing to refer your business, but only 29% actually do. Thus, ReferPlus.

* Empower local businesses through easy to use technology, that will help them to increase sales.
* Enable them to stay competitive with e-Commerce portals.
* Provide platform for local businesses & for consumers to truly connect & reward each other.
* Provide unique incentive driven advertising platform to avoid “Advertisement Blindness”.
* Help improve quality of business offerings to stay worthy of consumption & referrals.
* Increased sales will help local businesses in maintaining & growing the employment.


* Customizable discount plans & referral rewards, as suitable for businesses.
* Per sale rewards & discounts based on available margin for the marketing costs.
* Business analytics & detailed reports.
* Direct-to-owner customer feedback from customers.
* Zero up-front setup fee & minuscule charge only after a successful referral sale.
* No need to change existing POS or payment methods.
* Incentivised, Interactive ads for better attention span, to improve brand/product/service awareness.
* Local digital platform for direct to customer ads with local area-based targeting
* Local businesses can show gratitude to consumers for referring
* Consumers gets rewarded monetarily (instead of just a thank-you) for every sale they drive


Amol Vishwas Patankar (Co-founder)
B.Com., P.G.D.C.M., Certified Personal Financial Advisor
Director, Shell and Pearl Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd., an equity advisory firm, having assets under management over 100 Crores. Also, the co-Founder, Director, Arts Gurukul Pvt. Ltd. – An online evaluation platform for Artists, launched for the first time in India

Tushar Kamlakar Tajane (Co-founder)
Graphics designer, Web developer & Tech Blogger having an overall experience of 16+ years.
Technology evangelist. Loves enabling businesses with technology. Actively contributing Marathi translation for open-source WordPress CMS.