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Tarana Wireless

Product Name: Absolute Air


Tarana has made fundamental advances in radio performance that power the industry’s first truly viable wireless transport alternative to the high cost and complexity of fiber in many urban, fixed access, and radio backhaul applications. Tarana's technology combines multiple antennas & radios, a suite of unique algorithm innovations, and expert implementation to create the industry's first broadly applicable 5G alternative to fiber, commercially available today. Well proven in tier-1 customer engagements, the company’s products offer fundamental advances in wireless performance and autonomous adaptation that yield dramatic improvements in the economics and deployment flexibility of fixed, mobile, and IoT access, plus a wide range of fiber extension applications. Tarana is funded by AT&T, Blum Capital, Deutsche Telekom, and four global private investors.

Product Overview:

The AbsoluteAir product line offers unrivaled performance on enterprise/urban access PtP or PtMP links challenged by obstructions, interference, motion, or limited installer skill.

Key features of AbsoluteAir 3
-- PtMP operation up to 9 Gbps per POP site, all in 80 MHz channel bandwidth, with a spectral efficiency exceeding 90 bits/sec/Hz
-- Peak throughput up to 1000 Mbps per link
-- NLoS range to 2km, LoS to 10s of km
-- 3.3-3.8 and 5.x GHz bands (TDD)
-- Integrated antennas, compact form factor
-- Full complement of network features (CE/MEF)
-- Easy-to-use web interface for unit setup, alignment, performance monitoring, and management


Most competitors in wireless offer only "nominal" NLoS (non-line of sight) solutions marketed as NLoS transport, but with little or none of the requisite technology inside, and generally poor showing in any carefully conducted operator tests.

With Tarana, each antenna has its own radio chain, enabling much higher-resolution and continuously-controlled digital beam and nullforming. This also enables (very critically) the capability to form MUCH deeper nulls (on the scale of >50 dB), and many of them simultaneously, and an ability to leverage multipath to combat fading (also a very substantial delta, on the scale of 20 to 30 dB). Tarana’s products have a much larger link budget and system gain than any competitor. Most competing solutions use a simpler antenna selection approach, or slow RF beam-steering – both of these approaches can’t null interference, track a fast-changing wireless channel or leverage multipath constructively by multipath combining.

Tarana products determine its multiantenna parameter optimization — and therefore its handling of multipath, cochannel interference, unlicensed interference, and adaptation to changes in the RF environment — through an advanced suite of custom signal processing algorithms that explicitly analyze the characteristics of the channel in real time and update all optimization parameters 200x per second.
Tarana’s concentrator node uses spatial division to maintains multiple full-rate links to each of its remotes, with all links using the entire channel the entire time. Other PMP products from competitors divide one channel’s worth of throughput among multiple remote units, slides in time or frequency – each of their hub nodes contains one baseband instance.


Omar Bakr (CEO): Ph.D. in CS from UC Berkeley. 10+ years of research in multi-antenna beamforming, spectrum reuse and delay-tolerant networking.
Sergiu Nedevschi (COO): Ph.D. in CSEE from UC Berkeley. 10+ years of R&D in wireless technologies and network power efficiency.
Dale Branlund (CTO): MS in EE from Santa Clara Univ. 30+ years of experience in wireless technology at Radix Technologies, ArgoSystems, etc.
Rabin Patra (Chief Software Architect: B.Tech (IIT-Kgp) and Ph.D. in CS from UC Berkeley. 10+ years of R&D in wireless technologies.