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Shunya O/s

Product Name: Shunya O/S


The startup focuses on the next big opportunity IoT integrated AI on edge . We think the next generation will belong to intelligent minituarised computers that will be inside every THING and the demands on the new generation O/S to run such computers will be different from the past one .

The company is founded by Nikhil Bhaskaran a lifetime entrepreneur with extensive entrepreneur experience in China working on embedded hardware and building products around it .

The biggest strength of the company is it has a massively scalable plan to add economical engineering talent pool to its developer team all this while it works on its mission of upskilling India and driving positive change in talent which was under utilised in the past .

Product Overview:

Core Idea : Create an Operating system for IoT with integrated AI which works on all Arm based Micrprocessors designed for IoT solutions .

Value Proposition: -O/s dedicated for IoT with features built scratch up for IoT .
-Integrated AI on small footprint with vision and voice support .
-Integrated Cloud connectivity
-One step optimised fast install of AI libraries on system .
-A new Root file system for more optimised security and remote update.
-1 click support for cloud AI .
-Gives India the chance to make a mark in emerging technology space with its o/s adopted by the world . Will help bring lot of IoT opportunities to India .

Target Market : IoT Edge market and AI on edge market .


1)Among the few O/s which is dedicated for IoT needs and doesnt come with loads of legacy support.
2) O/s is with Integrated AI natively compiled optimally for each Arm architecture giving tremendous performance boost.
3) A new Root file system for more optimised security and smooth remote update.
4)O/s is linux based but not based on debian or any existing o/s but has all IoT/AI related packages fine tuned and included into the new package manager system .
5)The only Indian o/s , so likely to be backed by many Indians for its in unique value proposition of being able to make a mark globally in an emerging technology segment,


Nikhil Bhaskaran -
Founder .
B.E(Mumbai univ) ,Mozilla Remo for Shenzhen , Startup community leader for Shenzhen , Director An Shi DA Import Export Co Ltd .Featured by govt as part of 'Make with shenzhen ' program 2014.
Skills : Community development, business strategy ,hardware product design architect, embedded systems.

Yogesh Hedge /Nishant Poorswani /Sneha Bhapkar
Fresh Engineering Graduates from Pune university trained on embedded for last one year under Nikhil and now co founders in Shunya
Skills : Embedded Linux -Systems