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Product Name: Podbank


Podrones is providing solutions to provide innovation in Last Mil Logistics market with the use of electronically controlled IOT devices designed specifically to alleviate the problems of both, consignees and the delivery companies. Last Mile Market Size for the top 8 cities in India will be $360 million by 2020 and McKinsey estimates last-milelogistics to be $70 billion worldwide and growing at almost 30% in India providing big opportunity to Podrones.

As eCommerce as well as local Commerce over phones/apps grows, last mile delivery is growing exponentially and has become a differentiator for eCommerce companies. However, with increasingly busy lifestyles, consumers find difficult to receive parcels at home or even at the office, breaking away from work to receive a parcel may not be convenient or even possible. Most importantly, missed deliveries and redeliveries increase costs for delivery companies (and therefore online merchants).

Product Overview:

PodBank, i.e. a cluster of Pods (IoT based electronic parcel lockers) where delivery persons deliver parcels, which consignees can pick up at their convenience. A robust backend manages the authentication, messaging and payment services. Delivery companies and consignees pay for each Parcel Delivery. A touch screen allows users to login to deliver or collect parcels. This touch screen also enables other revenue streams such as advertising, shopping and payments.


Key Competitors:
1. QikPod:Started in 2015 &Raised $9M Seed Round. Deployed in Bangalore only.
2. SmartBox: Started in 2016, deployed in Delhi & partly in Bangalore.
3. Amazon Locker & The Hub: US only but may expand into India.

Customer Options:Mostly “Jugaad” and inconvenient options such as consignees waiting at home for delivery, neighbors, neighborhood pickup points.

Competitive Advantage:Both Hardware & Software designed &created in house allowing for faster modification as per customer requirementsunlike competitors who are importing off-the-shelf equipment.For this reason, we have realized revenue before our competition.


1. Aniruddha Gupte (Founder) - IIT-Kgp alumnus, founded iCinema, Introduced India’s first Personal Video Recorder, Wipro-Wharton Global Innovation Challenge – “Best New Customer Centric Innovation”.
2. Navin Choudhary - IIM-C & IISWBM alumnus, Previously Cofounder SmartTrucks. Over 17 years of experience in Services & Manufacturing sector with special focus on Logistics.