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Sisai Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd

Product Name: Pipe Conveyor Health Monitoring System - An Industrial automation solution


Sisai Technologies has expertise in Embedded System domain and IoT and Cloud Computing.
We can design, develop, install and commission customized hardware, software, System-on-Chip
based on IoT, Digital Signal Processing(DSP), Image Processing, Machine Learning, and Cloud
Computing. Our services include, Precision electronics devices design and development. High-Speed compact analog and digital system design and development based on system requirement.

Product Overview:

The Pipe Conveyors are installed at various locations in Tata Steel, Jamshedpur. These conveyors carry coal, coke, debris etc. Each conveyor has a pre-defined payload capacity. It is imperative to carry optimum payload on these conveyors.
Pipe Conveyors are cylindrical in shape with one edge raised resembling the number ‘6’.Due to imbalance in weight/payload, the diameter of conveyor changes. Each conveyor has a range of diameters in each working condition.
The solution uses Twin Laser Scanner system to detect and measure any slight change in diameter caused due to change in weight/payload. If the change in diameter is beyond the accepted range, the system generates an event. This event is sent to a junction box. The junction box consists of an 8 bit microcontroller based interface card. This card controls industrial hooter and tower lamp. Based upon type of event, interface card switches-on hooter and tower lamp to indicate the condition of pipe conveyor.
Solution has a visual dashboard which visualizes operation of pipe conveyor. The operator sitting at remote control room can check the condition of pipe conveyor installed at site.


Solution consists of:
i) 8 bit Microcontroller based Interface card.
ii) Firmware for this above interface card
iii) Junction Box with converter, Relays, power management module, switches, RS422 port, ethernet port
iv) Software stack: Java application, Data visualization dashboard using D3, Python module to manage streaming data, ActiveMQ, MongoDB, Angular 6 framework.

Solution uses twin laser scanner to monitor and detect the deviations in diameter of the pipe conveyor. Streaming data coming from laster scanner is ingested into Application.
It has intelligence to interpret the data. It will calculate deviations from standard tolerance levels of diameter.
Streaming data is visualized on graphical dashboard.
Operator at remote Control room can monitor the pipe conveyor.

Note: Laser Scanner is a third party equipment used in this solution.


Rajesh K. Upadhyay
Founder with 16 years of Industry experience in Solution Design & Architecture, Pre-sales, Product Management and Product Development.Experience in managing end-to-end execution of complex & high valued projects in a Global Delivery Model. Worked with top Technology firms like Symantec, BMC software and EDS in past. His last stint was with Calsoft Inc. where he worked with clients like IBM, Lenovo and Dell-EMC.

Pranay Upadhyay
B.E (E&Tc.), M.E (Signal Processing)
Co-founder with over 10 years of Industry experience in R&D in Advanced Technologies. Experience in design, development and testing of High Precise Optical Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Laser Optics, Signal Conditioning for Photo Diodes, Defence Grade Altimeter Signal conditioning. End-to-end execution of complex & high performance projects , generation of development methodology, project requirements study and analysis, installation, commissioning and service for different Defence Labs in India. Area of interests are sensors, controllers, FPGA, display, communication system, DSP Applications, Opto- electronics,Laser-photodiode based applications.