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MeetJifi Technologies Pvt Ltd

Product Name: Jifi


Jifi is a Pune-based startup founded with the mission of improving workplace productivity by optimizing meetings. Our vision is to transform meetings from "time sink" to "opportunity". We are an early stage startup, solving the "meetings are a waste of time" problem by rethinking how teams work, and putting meetings at the heart of their workflows. Jifi's technology enables teams to have high-output, actionable meetings, and gives teams the tools to get more done.

Product Overview:

Jifi gives your team a central hub for all your work - projects, todos, meetings, notes, communications. You can now manage work in a single place. For example, set up a meeting, plan for it with an agenda, execute todos in preparation for the meeting, execute it efficiently, document it in an actionable manner, and execute the todos that are generated in the meeting.

Set up automatic follow-up reminders on tasks so that meeting minutes don't "slip through the cracks". Etc.

Target market: corporates, startups, universities, govt organizations (anywhere meetings take up a lot of time)


Intelligent assistance: Jifi's voice & email bots let you do away with manually taking meeting notes. Record audio, transcribe it automatically, and get smart suggestions for next steps / action items.

Integrations: Jifi is totally integrated with your existing enterprise tools (Outlook/G Suite).

Competitors are meetingbooster, meetnotes, ecuria, etc.


Jifi is founded by Suparna Gharpure. He studied engineering at IIT Bombay, earning B.Tech & M.Tech degrees, while pursuing his passion of product design. Suparna worked as a management consultant with Bain & Company, before joining a US-based VC fund, Guild Capital, in their Pune investment team. Suparna wears multiple hats, from business strategy, to sales & marketing, to UI/UX and backend development.