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Product Name: HEXANIKA Software


HEXANIKA has developed an innovative end to end software for financial institution to address data sourcing and reporting challenges focused on regulatory compliance using Artificial Intelligence. It enables financial institutions to harness new technologies, to reduce regulatory cost by process automation and consolidation.??
This is the only software that performs both the functions of data integration and regulatory reporting. It enables 100% data lineage, savings of up to 40% and more.

Product Overview:

HEXANIKA is the only company that has ability to showcase 100% end-to-end data lineage from source to report in?single?software and provides complete data governance. It performs both the functions of data integration and regulatory reporting.

HEXANIKA possesses heuristic and semantic algorithms which automate data sourcing. The platform leverages Artificial Intelligence and algorithms (IP) that automates the data management and governance process to enable timely and error-free generation of reports to be submitted.

Its Multi-Tenancy Cascading & Centralized Rules Engine allows users to create and suggest rules to automate the reporting process and can scale the same rules across varied reports, regulators and geographies.


1. Higher Automation: End to end solution with AI capabilities around data ingestion, rules creation and reporting.
2. Data & Rules Reusability: Same data can be reused across multiple reports/use cases. Similarly, rules once built can be reused multiple times
3. Faster On-boarding of reports: Faster onboarding of reports that require same rules and data
4. Ease of Integration: Integration with FIS core banking systems (Current focus: ACBS, Systematics, Prolife, IBS, NextGen). If banks use any of these systems, they will have more time & cost savings
5. Business User Friendly: Business user can access data, build rules and generate output with little or no reliance on technology folks
6. Transparency: 100% data lineage and transparency available. HEXANIKA tracks what data was used in the reports and what rules were applied
7. Faster Change Management: Can be done by updating XMLs and templates
8. Platform agnostic: Software can work on the bank’s current architecture and platform.
9. Deployment Flexibility: Can sit on-premise with no need to change current architecture. It can also be deployed on Cloud as a SaaS Solution ensuring data security and efficiency.


Yogesh Pandit, CEO?

20+ yearsof experience in RegTech, Former Finance Re-engineering / Transformation Lead, previously worked with Citi / EY?

Mak?Gadre, CTO?

30+ years of experience in tech. Former Software Architect, previously worked with Microsoft???

Arun Iyer, EVP

20+ years of experience in banking and financial services, previously worked with Tech Mahindra/ Cognizant