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Product Name: Info4kids and Competition4Kids .


Info4Kids believes that every child is different and is a genius in their own right where we need to change the way education is imparted from rote learning to experiential learning or activity based learning helping them to become creative and think out of the box. Thus the company has come up with an assessment model where parents would be able to assess the core learning abilities of their child in a scientific manner and based on the assessment reports help enroll them in an activity of their choice which will help them succeed in their life by doing things that they enjoy and are good at helping create a diverse pool of talented individuals in different areas with expertise in their areas.

Product Overview:

Info4Kids is an Online Marketplace connecting parents of kids with activity service providers , product owners and professionals in their neighborhood. Info4kids helps parents to identify the core learning ability of their child using an assessment methodology to identify the Strength's and Weakness in each child and provide coaching or training to the child based on their area of interest and the natural learning ability of the child . We believe that each child is different from the others and needs to be taught as per their individual level to learning , skill and ability which will help children reach a greater amount of success in their professional and personal life and help build the country's talent pool.


Scalable model ,
Helps address the core issue of identifying skills in individuals and training them as per their skills
Help enroll them in activities to polish their soft skills and increase their creativity levels
Solve the biggest problem of jobs by creating self employment and entrepreneurship for the youth by helping them train and coach students .
Create a societal change by encouraging talent identification and development at the grassroots level.


Thomas Abraham -Founder - Law and Management Graduate with 20+ years of Corporate Experience , well networked with trade and industry bodies , passionate about working for the benefit of student community .

Shobha Thomas -CoFounder - 15+ years of corporate experience having worked with various MNCs , currently successfully running her own childcare business for the last 8 years and very passionate about early child education and child care development .