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Product Name: Zvolv


Zestl was setup by founders with over 100 years of collective experience in technology working at global companies like Apple, TI, Synopsis with over 35 collective patents and lineage from Stanford, UC, IITs, COEP. Incorporated in Pune, Zestl has serviced many major clients across India and the US with the Zvolv enterprise AI and workflow automation platform.

Product Overview:

Chaotic collaboration processes with lack of structure and accountability, disparate tools, non-real-time data and conflicting priorities leads to many large enterprise projects being delayed and significant loss in revenue.

The Zvolv Platform helps drive organizational efficiency with the power of AI, Structured Workflows and Cognitive Automation. With Zvolv, Intelligent, Personalized Collaboration Apps, for Every Business Need, can be created in a Matter of Hours, with no developer dependence.

Large, complex processes like new product development, new store roll-out or other operational processes in enterprises can benefit most from the Zvolv platform. For example, one of India's leading pizza chains was able to cut down their new restaurant launch times from 90+ days to 50 days with implementation of Zvolv workflows, adding over Rs. 350Cr in new revenue per year.

Traditionally, automating large complex business processes would require big developer teams working for months to launch. Or many different centralized and/or non-optimal tools would get used, reducing overall effectiveness. And no data driven insights would be available to drive process optimization.

Zvolv enterprise apps can be created in hours with no developers required, no coding involved. An end to end process combining Structured Workflows, Project/Task Management, Document/Data Management, Collaboration, Analytics & AI can be configured in a matter of hours, with a mobile first approach. The apps support built in and customizable AI based predictions, analytics and dashboards and bot based automation to maximize efficiency. The apps can evolve rapidly as business scales or processes change.


No-code, rapid launch, data driven intelligence and end-to-end process integration differentiates Zvolv from other enterprise collaboration platforms.

For enterprises, Zvolv bridges the gap between a fully custom developed product with high costs and long time to market, and off-the-shelf products that solve bits and pieces of the process being optimized. Microsoft projects is a good centralized project management tool, excel files or other form builders can be efficient at data collection, Trello or similar tools can handle task management, google docs can be used document collection and so on. But automating an end to end process, like launching a new store, involves 100s of people working across different functions in parallel, with lots of dependencies, lots of data collection and data driven decisions, lots of escalations and reminders and task management etc. Disparate tools like the above can lead to major inefficiencies, with data residing in silos and overall lack of process enforcement.

With Zvolv, an end to end process can be automated with all required interaction and collaboration elements, with no developers involved, with idea to implementation in days, revisions in hours and built in intelligence to drive process optimization.


Hardik - 17+ years experience in US, TI, Apple, chief technologist, 13+ patents, COEP/UC/Stanford
Nitin - 17+ years experience in India/US, Synopsis, Altera, Enterprise software sales, COEP
Sujoy - 17+ years experience, repeat entrepreneur with exit, COEP
Pushkar - 10+ years experience, IIT-KGP, Server technologies
Kapil - 8+ years experience, IIT-K, Frontend technologies