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Product Name: Xsemble


10Xofy is into software research. We believe in the power of technology to be a game changer and to drive 10X growth. We studied the 10X game and applied those to doing research in software development technology itself. The product suite, Xsemble, is a result of this research.

Product Overview:

Xsemble is a patent pending product suite that utilizes visual programming and modularization. With Xsemble, you can make software by assembling small building blocks visually, which are themselves developed independently. It's a lot like how cars are made. Xsemble is used to create Java based web applications.

There are several value propositions. Some of them are:
- Ability to use a mix of great and average programmers meaningfully
- Keeping stakeholders on the same page (programming and non-programming)
- Reduced knowledge transfer
- Elastic teams that can scale up and down easily
- Maintenance being trivial

We are looking to go after the global $3.5 trillion market of software development with this approach.


We have filed a patent on the uniqueness of our approach. In short, our uniqueness comes from:
- our ability to completely isolate a component from its environment so that it can be reused
- generation of the glue code which calls these components
- exporting of test bundles for implementation and unit testing
- visual flowchart containing both control flow and data flow


Ashish Belagali -a technopreneur with 20+ years into software. He has rich experience of doing various technology, consulting, management and leadership roles. He has earned the title of "turnaround specialist", but believes a project needs to run smoothly from the very beginning. He resorts to using technology to implement the wisdom for doing the same. Ashish is an IIT Bombay alumnus, having done B. Tech. and M. Tech. there.