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Vizlabs Smart Solutions Pvt Ltd

Product Name: Fertigation System


Vizlabs Smart Solutions was incorporated in April 2018. The company's primary focus is increasing the farm income by bringing benefits of scientific farming to average Indian farmer.
We have two pronged approach to increase the farm income.
1. Increase the farm produce, without increasing the input cost.
2. Plan the schedule & nutrient delivery to optimise the harvest at best price for the farm produce.

The fertigation system essentially focuses on getting these benefits to the farmers.

Product Overview:

The product is "Automation of the drip irrigation" system, also know as "Fertigation System".
1. Farming is mostly done in a traditional manner, where 70% or water & nutrients are wasted.
2. Biggest issue farmers face is the availability of farm labours. With erratic power supply & schedule many a times they have to go to farms at odd hours like 12 am, 2 am, etc. to water the farms.
3. The delivery of water, nutrients & pesticides is done based on certain assumptions & observations by the farmer & not fine-tuned to high-efficiency levels.
Farmers who practice agriculture in a more scientific manner see a growth of at least 30% & at times up to 10 times. So for a farm of 3-5 acres, a farmer can see a growth of close to 1 lakh just by fine-tuning the delivery of the water & nutrients.


Following are the major competitors.
1. Netafim
2. Galcon
3. Sygenta
4. Jain Irrigation

The whole product is developed from scratch, right from the smallest sensor from locally available components, hence a product truly caters to local needs with a significantly low cost of ownership, maintenance & repair compared to existing products.
Designed specifically with needs of Indian farmers in mind & Indian specific nuances ( Climate, erratic power supply, local language interface, etc)
Truly end-to-end automation with a host of sensors on the field, integrated with cloud & machine learning. This brings the benefits of scientific farming & at the same time isolates the farmer from the complexities of adopting processes of scientific farming. None of the existing system offer this feature.


1. Chaitannya Mahatme:
12+ years of experience in electronics designing.
Primary role is of design & development of Technology.
2. Sachit Hegde:
5+ years of experience in business development, funding & financial management.
Primary role is business development & funding (for the organisation & farmers)
3. Prakash Mahatme:
Domain expert in Agriculture. 35+ years of experience in agriculture.
Primary roles is implementing outreach programs & assistance implementing automation.