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We aim to build community and educational resources for music lovers and voice improvement. Our team has years of expertise in vocal training & speech and voice technology. Starting out with a social singing & feedback platform - RateMySinging. In future we aspire to create a range of products for music and voice training both for specialists like singers and the general population.

Product Overview:

RateMySinging is a social community app, where music enthusiasts come together and sing songs while other users give feedback on their singing through ratings & tips.

In last 2-3 years a number artists have emerged on youtube who have amassed a big following. An estimated 3-4M people (and growing) are following these artists and learning from them through youtube. These people who are learning online from youtube videos although they do the exercises, they do not get any feedback/validation on their own singing. Our product fills this need and connects these learners so they can give each other feedback on their singing.


Many startups have seen massive growth recently in the music space. These are some major music/singing apps
Tiktok (Valuation 70B)
Smule (Valuation 600M)
Starmaker (Total funding 11M, valuation unknown)

RateMySinging differs from other singing apps in these 2 ways :
1) Users not only have fun but also learn from feedback from others.
2) There is a strong community/social aspect as users are incentivized to communicate with each other.

Major challenge was to get people to contribute which we overcame by introducing contribution currency, reward points & leaderboard for detailed feedback and encouraging positive interactions & friendships.


Paarth Singh
Singer, Teacher. Has over 84K followers on youtube. Youtube link : https://www.youtube.com/user/parth825k

Ashwin Jain
Strategy & Content. B. Tech EE from IIT Kanpur - 2006. Recipient of Academic Excellence Award from IIT Kanpur for 10 CGPA in first semester.

Vikas Patel
Product Development. B. Tech ME from IIT Kharagpur 2005. Recipient of Star Employee Award at Sungard and winner of Sungard India Hackathon.