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Product Name: DrutaVahana


Druta is a rapid development platform for mobile and web applications. Druta wants to create tech stack to quickly build and run MVPs for startups and small businesses. Today, in increasingly agile fast moving world, having an technology edge is invaluable asset to a startup or any other company. Druta envisions to be set of products that hand over that technology edge to its customers.

During tenure as CTO for a startup (workout.cash now https://hoofit.com), Druta's Founder felt startups need tech stack which is geared towards fast iterations, and all existing options are inadequate. Typical webapp or mobile application has lot of boilerplate and needs ground work to get it running. Most of startups build mobile apps or web applications served from cloud backends, Druta makes it faster - in matter of hours and days instead of weeks. While addressing speed, Druta does not compromise on quality and long term needs of application development and maintains full power of typical technology stack. For example, mobile applications created using Druta's mobile toolkit - VidhiJanaka are native and optimised for performance and battery life.

Druta has two products DrutaVahana for building backends on clouds like AWS and VidhiJanaka for creating native mobile applications which run on both Android and iOS from single code base.

DrutaFit (http://bit.ly/drutafit) is showcase mobile application written using DrutaVahana and VidhiJanaka

Product Overview:

Druta's "DrutaVahan" is toolkit for building cloud applications. It allows developers to quickly setup backends for most common use-cases. It comes with pre-built blueprints (Mobile Backend, Webapp hosting, Workflows, Filestorage) which address most immediate needs of mobile and web-application developers allowing startups to run applications for their users in days instead of weeks. DrutaVahan is also composable and extensible so that developers can build complex backends which requires databases, messaging, notifications and integrations with external or internal systems and applications. DrutaVahan employs home-grown innovating "meta-programming" and "shared-model" approach towards deployment of cloud applications to make it faster and programming language agnostic. DrutaVahan is also working towards being cloud agnostic ie. same application can run on different cloud providers with little or no changes.


- Faster Development and Deployment
- Broader support for use cases, not just limited to few
- Polyglot (Existing frameworks are javascript based only)
- Fully customisable and extensible
- Cloud provider agnostic


Tushar Khairnar, founder is senior software engineer with 13 years on industry experience with companies like Amazon, VMWare, Pivotal. He has worked in different segments like IT services, products as well built tech product from scratch as a CTO for a startup. He has a background in distributed system, databases and cloud computing.