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Product Name: metro B6012


We started Signasis Technologies in 2015 with the aim to simplify industrial machinery maintenance with innovative and easy to use products. After many field trials, our innovative proprietary (patent pending) Automatic 2-round field balancing method was designed to make it easy for solving the most common cause of industrial machinery vibrations. During the process of our product design, development and field testing, we have grown in terms of customer-product fit design along with in-house technologies which help us innovate further. We offer our expertise in product design, development, testing and manufacturing as services.
Signasis is a word coined from the combination of 'signal' and 'analysis' which illustrate our core expertise of designing products requiring real time analysis of real world parameters to simplify tasks and make life easier.

Product Overview:

Core idea: Manufacturing plant maintenance is dependent on many factors which consecutively depends on many vendors and technologies whose knowledge base is scattered and incomplete to solve all related problems as a whole.

metro(TM) B6012 is a vibration analyzer designed for vibration analysis and field balancing of different types of rotors, blowers, impellers, industrial fans, motors, cooling towers, HVAC systems, grinders, mixers, crushers, spindles and other similar rotating machine structures. In-house maintenance creates knowledge asset in the company along with having complete control and reducing cost.

Target market: industrial maintenance technician, condition monitoring engineer, industrial maintenance service provider company, industrial machinery OEM, plant contractors


Some of the competitors: pruftechnik, VMI, erbessd instruments, bruel and kjaer, SPM, Schenck

Unique features: Automatic 2-round balancing method (patent applied). It simplifies the process from traditional 3-rounds to 2-rounds, reduces possibility of damaging machinery if the process is incorrectly handled, saves overall time, easy setup, convenience to use in different working environments, any novice technician can perform the process which is the most common cause of machinery vibrations.


1. Karan Banthia - Founder, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer with more than 6 years of experience. Expertise in designing real time embedded systems for time critical applications.
Skill sets: Product design, Fast learner and adaptable to new technologies, Decision making.
2. Mahavir Banthia - CFO, Accountant with more than 25 years of experience with bachelor of commerce degree.
Skill sets: Handling all financial operations.