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Stem Plus Cryopreservation Pvt Ltd

Product Name: Umbilical Cord Blood Banking


SP has a dream to provide the facility to store cord blood in interiors of western Maharashtra and to create awareness in rural area about stem cells and its application.
Umbilical Cord Blood/Cord/Placenta Banking: Cryopreservation of umbilical cord blood /cord/placenta-derived stem cells.

Product Overview:

First DCGI/FDA approved company in western Maharashtra. Stem Plus is first company to bank cord and placental tissue, and VSELS comparatively economical rates.


DCGI/FDA approved Cord Blood bank
Strong R&D team
Stem cell free product development
Tissue Engineering Research


1. Dr. Meghnad Joshi DIRECTOR M.Sc Ph.D. PDD. - 16 years Stem cells, tissue enginnering experience
2. Dr. Jayashree J Kulkarni Lab Director M.Sc Ph.D. - - 2 years Stem cell banking experience
3. MR. SHASHIKANT DESAI TECHNICAL SUPERVISOR M.Sc. Ph.D (PURSUING) - 6 years Stem cell banking experience
4. MRS. AMRPALI KURANE TECNICIAN M.Sc. BIOCHEMISTRY- 3 years Stem cell banking experience