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PuneConnect Application

This is the combined form to apply for PuneConnect 2016, and (optionally) to TiE Nurture program (which is a 6-month mentoring program that runs during the year). The last date to apply is 8 October, midnight.

Fill out the information below, and click submit at the bottom of the page. The Company Information and Product Information is mandatory, and filling those out will result in your PuneConnect Application. For the TiE Nurture program, there is a optional section at the bottom which asks for additional information that is needed for its selection committees.

Short informal name of your company for display purposes

If different from Company Name

Email of contact person

Contact Person Name

Phone number of contact person

Brief one-paragraph overview of the company itself (not the product). This will show up on the front page of the PuneConnect website, and will be shared with media

e.g. Consumer Mobile, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Infrastrastructure, etc. Provide a comma-separated list if more than one.

Company Formation Year/Month (Approx)

Please provide 2-3 lines on each key person on the management team, including qualification, work experience, skill sets, etc.

Any latest news from your company to share

Any other information that you wish to provide

If different from name of company

Core Idea, Value Proposition, Target Market

Who are your competitors and how are you different from them

If different from primary focus domain of company

Approx. date of product launch

Approximate number of customers using this product currently

Names of some customers, if you already have customers

Link to video of product demo, if any

If you don't know what TiE Nurture is, please click here for details

Note: the information in this section will be kept private - i.e. it will only be shared with the TiE Nurture selection committee, and the mentors that are part of the program. It will not the shared publicly anywhere else.

Describe your market and access to market

What is your overall business vision

What are the key challenges facing you currently

What in your opinion do you need help with to reach your goals

Below, please provide key metrics related to your company for the last two years and the current year (Y minus 2, Y minus 1, Y 0) and projections for the next 5 years (Y1, Y3, and Y5). Use the Extra #1, and Extra #2 rows to give information about other metrics that might be specific to your business that you wish to share. Replace "Extra #1" with the name of the first metric, and "Extra #2" with the name of the second metric.

Parameter* Y minus 2* Y minus 1* Y 0* Y 1* Y 3* Y 5*